Below is a selection of Chris’ music for different ensembles. Pieces are currently being added to on a weekly basis throughout the year so please check back regularly for updates.

Click through to find more information about each piece, hear recordings / videos and find links to buy the sheet music:

Il Postino [The Postman] (SATB Saxophone Quartet) [External Site]

New Baroque Suite (Saxophone Quartet)

Reach Out and Lend a Helping Hand (Voices and Orchestra)

Snow Business (Orchestra)

The Kernow Suite (Orchestra)

  • Caradon (Orchestra)
  • Restormel (Orchestra)
  • Kerrier (Orchestra)
  • Penwith (String Orchestra)
  • Scilly (Orchestra)
  • North (Orchestra)
  • Carrick (Orchestra & Chorus)

Shifting Sands (Chamber Orchestra)

I Am Not Yours (Mezzo and Orchestra)

Ab Ovo: As the Dust Settles (String Quartet)

Ab Ovo: In the Beginning (String Quartet)