Below is a selection of Chris’ music for different woodwind instruments. These are currently being added to on a weekly basis throughout the year so please check back regularly for updates.

Click through to find more information about each piece, hear recordings / videos and find links to buy the sheet music:

Scenes from a Parisian Café  (Bb Clarinet & Piano)

Scenes from a Parisian Café (Alto Saxophone & Piano) [External Site]

Kensa ha Dewetha (Bb Clarinet & Piano)

The Blue Hour (Flute & Piano) [External Site]

She Flies With Her Own Wings (Bb Clarinet & Piano) [External Site]

Christmas Jazz: Volumes 1 and 2 (Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Bb Clarinet and Flute editions)


New Baroque Suite – Ted Huggens (SATB Saxophone Quartet) [External Site]

Love of My Life – Queen (Alto Saxophone & Piano)

Love of My Life – Queen (Bb Clarinet & Piano)

Il Postino [The Postman] Theme from the film (SATB Saxophone Quartet) [External Site]

Coming Soon:

Scenes from a Parisian Cafe (Soprano Sax Edition)

Scenes from a Parisian Cafe (Flute Edition)

The Secret Jazz & Blues Club

Christmas Jazz: Volume 1 (Bb Clarinet & Piano/Backing Track)

Christmas Jazz: Volume 1 (Flute & Piano/Backing Track)