Below is a selection of Chris’ music for different choir types. These are currently being added to on a weekly basis throughout the year so please check back regularly for updates.

Click through to find more information about each piece, hear recordings / videos and find links to buy the sheet music:

  • To A Skylark (SATB)
  • What Sweeter Music (SSAATTBB)
  • When Peace Will Come (SA)
  • Another Day is Now Gone (SATB)
  • We Are As One (SA/2-Part)
  • Reach Out and Lend a Helping Hand (2-Part)
  • Twisted Nursery Rhymes: Volume 1 (2-Part)


Rocket Man [by Elton John] (SATB & SAB) [SATB External Site] [SAB External Site]

Always On My Mind [by Elvis Presley] (SAB) [External Site]

Let There Be… [by Andrew Finlayson] (SAB) [External Site]

Infant Holy (SATB)


Coming Soon:

Run [by Snow Patrol] (SAB)

If You Were the Only Girl In The World (SATB)

How the Deep the Father’s Love For Us [by Stuart Townend] (SATB)

Let’s Face the Music and Dance (SATB)

Top Hat, White Tie and Tails (SATB)

Sweet Chiming Christmas Bells (SATB)

Gaudete (SAB)

Doll on a Music Box / Truly Scrumptious (2 Part Choir)

Wombling Song [Mike Batt] (SATB)

Hushabye Mountain [Chitty Chitty Bang Bang] (SAB)

Is This The World We Created? [Queen] (SAB)

God’s Love Has Set Me Free [Grieg] (SATB)

Wings of a Dove [Madness] (SATB) / (2 Part)

Anyone Who Had a Heart (SATB)

This Night [Billy Joel] (SAB)

Together in Electric Dreams

The Colors of My Life [Barnum] (2 Part)