Below is a selection of Chris’ piano music (solo/duet) in different genres. These are currently being added to on a weekly basis throughout the year so please check back regularly for updates.

Click through to find more information about each piece, hear recordings / videos and find links to buy the sheet music:

The Sweet Nightingale (Duet) [External Site]

Little Suite for Piano #1

Little Suite for Piano #2

‘…in sleep’: a collection of piano miniatures [External Site]

Secrets…Shh! [External Site]

…and she found her magic [External Site]

Union Star [External Site]

Stop the Clocks [External Site]

Contemplation [External Site]

Serendipity [External Site]

Tempus Incognitum [External Site]

I could stay her forever [External Site]

Tempus edax rerum [External Site]

Ex nihilo nihil fit [External Site]

Nosce te ipsum [External Site]

Dee Dee [External Site]

Is everything as it seems? [External Site]

Rise and Fall [External Site]

Nocturne [External Site]

It never leaves [External Site]

For You. For Me? [External Site]

The world revolves before me [External Site]

I walk alone [External Site]

Iona [External Site]