Vocal / Song

Below is a selection of Chris’ music for different voice types. These are currently being added to on a weekly basis throughout the year so please check back regularly for updates.

Click through to find more information about each piece, hear recordings / videos and find links to buy the sheet music:


I Am Not Yours… (Mezzo Soprano) [External Site]

A Shropshire Lass [Song Cycle] (Mezzo Soprano) [External Site]

Be Still My Soul (Mezzo Soprano) [External Site]

We Are As One [Duet] [External Site]

When Peace Will Come [Duet]

Reach Out and Lend a Helping Hand [External Site]

You Can Depend On Me [External Site]

Love Peace and Music COMING SOON

Under the Star [External Site]

Sleep Happy Child [External Site]

A Coventry Carol [External Site]

Keep Christmastime in Mind [External Site]

One Holy Child (Solo Version) [External Site]

Blackbird [External Site]

The Tide Rises the Tide Falls [External Site]

When There’s Love at Home [External Site]

So Keep That Candle Burning Bright

Twisted Nursery Rhymes: Volume 1 (Solo Version) [External Site]

Twisted Nursery Rhymes: Volume 2 (Duet/SA Choir Version) [External Site]