Counting Music (SATB)

This is one of Chris’ most performed pieces, in fact it’s been sung on every continent of the world except Antarctica (dare you accept that challenge!?). It was written in 2010 whilst Chris was an undergraduate composition student.

It started off as a bit of a musical joke, playing on the way that musician’s often count beats and bars rest etc. It was written very quickly in response to a brief by tutor, Patric Standford, to create something unusual for voices. Little did he know that very shortly it would be performed all around the world, and it has presented an interesting and fun technical challenge for choirs ever since!

Lev Nakaryakov conducting ‘Counting Music’

The sheet music can be bought from the following places online:

  • eBay: Physical copies for delivery worldwide

Bulk license PDF prints can be requested directly from the composer HERE.

Please consider this option wherever possible because, contrary to popular belief, composers don’t make much money and they rely  on commissions and sheet music sales/licensing to live on whilst they spend all their available time writing more fabulous music for you!

Sheet Music with EW Choir MIDI playback

From Chris:

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone that has performed Counting Music and continues to send emails and recordings of performances. Please keep them coming!

Finally, a very special thank you to several outstanding choral directors that have championed this piece in the past: Lev Nakaryakov (Russia), whose video is at the top of the page; Kübra Şenyaylar (Turkey) whose choir Ars Nova first performed the piece translated into another language, and the fabulous composer and choir director Memli Kelmendi (Kosovo) whose video, which was performed in St Mark’s Square – Venice, is featured below. Thank you all!

Memli Kelmendi and the Peja Choir in Venice, Italy

Counting Music is also available for SSAA / Ladies / Children’s Choir (arranged by Julia P)

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